The best areas to live in Denia

The best areas to live in Denia

Denia is a wonderful coastal town in the province of Alicante, a special place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The town has a coastline of twenty kilometres of fine, golden sandy beaches, and an enviable climate for most of the year. You can breathe in the scent of history in every corner and in every street of Denia’s town centre, crowned by the majestic castle that stands right in the heart of the town. Another outstanding feature of Denia is its port, with boats coming and going to provide Denia with the best seafood, which makes it an excellent place to enjoy a wonderful gastronomy. In addition, its impressive location next to Cape Sant Antoni, together with the environmental richness of the Montgó natural park, make this municipality a tourist reference, as well as one of the most desirable destinations for living or for purchasing a holiday home. If you are considering buying a property in this Costa Blanca town, in this post we are going to find out which are the best areas to live in Denia.

Las Rotas

This is one of the most exclusive areas of Denia. Located on the south of town, it is ideal if you are looking for a house very close to the sea. The views of the Mediterranean Sea are fantastic and it is a very quiet residential area. In this residential area there are wonderful coves of rocks and pebbles where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a lot of peace and quiet.

You can also take walks towards Cape Sant Antoni and discover charming places, such as the Tallada cave, which is located at the foot of the Montgó natural park, in the middle of a marine reserve. In terms of shops, there are no supermarkets, so you will have to go to other areas to do your shopping. However, it does have essential services such as pharmacies.

best areas to live in Denia

Montgó mountainside

This area is outside the natural park and is ideal if you are looking for a residence in the middle of nature. This natural park is noted for its stunning sea views and peaceful countryside living. There are many trails through the park, ideal for sporting activities or walking while enjoying the stunning panoramic views.

As it is further away from the centre, you need a car or a taxi to get there. There is a supermarket, but for other essential services such as pharmacies, you will have to go to other areas.

Las Marinas

Las Marinas is located in the northern part of Denia, where you will find most of the sandy beaches. It is about fourteen kilometres long and is the main tourist area. For this reason, during the summer months the population increases, but it is a fairly quiet area during the rest of the year. It has all the services and amenities necessary for day-to-day life, such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

best areas to live in Denia

Town centre

The town centre of Denia extends from the neighbourhood of Les Roques, which preserves the essence of Moorish Denia, a time when people lived around the castle, to the fishermen’s neighbourhood of El Raset and the port. In the town centre, special mention should be made of Calle Loreto, which is one of the liveliest and most popular streets in the town, and Calle Campos, which is the nerve centre of Denia. In the town centre you will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and housing with easy access to both the beach and essential services.

La Pedrera

As we ascend the Montgó we find the residential area of La Pedrera, a very quiet location for those who are looking for a place far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and in contact with nature. In La Pedrera there is a hospital, as well as several parks and cafés, but the downside is that you have to drive for most things.

Monte Pego

This is a very quiet residential area made up of beautiful and spacious villas. As it is built on the hillside and is only five kilometres from the beach, it has spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Monte Pego is about fifteen minutes from the centre of Denia, ten minutes from the best beaches and only five minutes from shops and supermarkets. There are restaurants and cafes as well as several tennis courts.

best areas to live in Denia

Where is the best area to live in Denia?

The Les Roques neighbourhood in the old town, as well as the more exclusive residential area of Las Rotas, are the best areas to live in Denia according to surveys conducted among the local population. Both areas are considered to offer a better quality of life based on a series of factors. Such as public transport, suitability for walking and cycling, traffic and parking, roads and open spaces, house prices, security, and care and maintenance.

At Sonneil we can help you find your home in Denia. Our advisors will accompany and advise you throughout the whole process. We have the best properties in the area!

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Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

We can’t stop thinking about everything we will do once we can enjoy life outdoors again. Going to the seaside to feel the sea breeze, swimming in the sea for the first time this year, sunbathing in the hammocks and toasting from the terrace of our homes with Mediterranean Sea views.

Would you like to do all this as well? Then, you need to know Denia Beach! Because the good life includes sea, light and your place in Spain.

Denia: a gem on the Costa Blanca

Denia is a small port city, yes. But don’t be fooled by its size. Denia has more than 2000 years of history, and Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks lived in it. There must be a reason, right? The castle and the port are its hallmarks, as well as a gastronomy mmmm … to lick your fingers! Not surprisingly, UNESCO named it Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015.

Denia is like a secret garden, like that little lost gem that you suddenly find when you are looking for something else. It is the favorite destination of those who love sunlight, hiking, seafaring atmospheres… but also, enjoying a few hours on the beach. Denia is a small place, but it is also cosmopolitan.

The Costa Blanca is full of nearby paradises like Denia. Let’s visit them when everything is fine! Are you in? 🏖

Visiting the coast is great. Living it, is a luxury.

Denia Beach: this is what life facing the sea looks like

Nice, right?

At Sonneil, we constantly look for places with the vitality of Denia Beach. Places you can live and design in your own way, blank walls for you to create a new stage of your life while listening to the sound of the waves. 🌊 The homes with homes with Mediterranean Sea views of Denia Beach are perfect for that.

Homes where the light lives

Denia Beach is super special for five main reasons: 

  • The sea views. Imagine having your own piece of Mediterraneo in your terrace, waking up to the sound of the waves… it’s as good as it sounds, really!
  • Light is everywhere. Did you know we enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year in Costa Blanca? Houses here are designed with open spaces and big windows to let the light in. The living room and the open kitchen have access to the terrace, as well as the main bedroom.
  • Let us tell you a secret… the kitchen is our favourite part! For cooking lovers, this open kitchen with breakfast bar is a luxury. It has a column for integrated appliances. And you won’t keep your eyes off of the countertop finished in white silica! It is completely furnished and equipped with oven, ceramic hob and extractor hood. You just worry about choosing your first recipe! Those who prefer to be away from the stove will not resist this minimalist, elegant and contemporary design kitchen either. You can tell we love it, right?
  • There are houses for everyone! Are you moving with your family? Are you looking for an investment? No problem at all! There are homes with one, two or three bedrooms.
  • And, of course, the location! Denia Beach is a five minute walk to the beach and well connected to the center of Denia –and you can enjoy it in any season-. There are also supermarkets and restaurants within 500 meters. Although what we like most to know the environment is the bike path. You can also play a round of golf in Oliva Nova, a 15-minute drive away.

Relaxing in the common areas

Sharing is living. And, if it is in common areas such as Denia Beach’s, even more.

Forget about yoga and meditation. Denia Beach’s pool, pergolas and gardens are the best antidote to stress. Relax however you like. Maybe, feeling like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate as you relax by the pool listening to Simon & Garfunkel. Or reading your favorite novel under the shade of the palm trees. 🌴

Look, look:

The construction of Denia Beach is increasingly advanced. The pool is filling up and the plants in the gardens are growing … only you are missing!

We can already see you enjoying the sunlight coming through the windows and the terraces with views of the Mediterranean.

We know that, at the moment, you cannot visit Denia Beach in person. But at Sonneil we want to make your life easier. Visit Denia Beach website and contact us to have all the information you need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. And we want to help you live it.

What to do in Denia: plans for every season

What to do in Denia: plans for every season

If you are wondering what to do in Denia, there is no need to worry: it is one of the liveliest towns on the Costa Blanca, where any season is good for getting to know the place, enjoying the little paradises that surround it, taking endless walks along the seashore…

Whether it is for diving, kayaking, hiking or simply for the greatest of pleasures, eating, Denia is a luxury all year round. Today at Sonneil we bring you the best plans, so don’t miss out, the good life is waiting for you here!

What to do in Denia in autumn/winter | Top Plans

Nothing less than an average temperature of 18 degrees awaits you in Denia during the winter. Besides, this is when tourism slows down in the city, so it is the perfect season to calmly enjoy it. Because the sun never stops shining in the Costa Blanca!

Let yourself get carried away in the streets of Denia

Something as simple as taking a walk can become a perfect plan at any unknown city: where every corner hides a surprise. Denia is no exception. Its port, the Baix la Mar district, its history of sailors or the Castle are just some examples. And let’s not forget its urban beaches such as the Marineta Cassiana or Las Marinas.

Ascending the Montgó mountain

The flatness of the calm sea is altered by the sight of its summit in the background. At Sonneil we suggest you follow any of the ascent trails to see part of the Costa Blanca from a bird’s eye view.

Views of the Montgó from the coast

Tourism… underwater as well

Water sports in winter? In Denia you can! All you need is a good wetsuit. You will be able to enjoy the green meadows of its sea bed, its colourful fish and its clear waters. It is a perfect destination for diving.

And what about the surface? Try kayaking or renting a boat and live like royalty. Because that is the Mediterranean.

Visit the Cova Tallada

This impressive rock formation that looks like something out of Game of Thrones is located a few kilometres from Denia and borders Jávea. What’s the best part? In winter, tourism gives a break to this landscape… so it will be almost like having it to yourself. We suggest you arrive by kayak or canoe. Don’t forget to suit up!

Other plans to enjoy Denia in winter

  • Follow the hiking trails that go to the Cape of San Antonio.
  • Walk along the beaches of La Marina, Trampolí and Marineta.

These are just some options if you are wondering what to do in Denia in winter. As you will see, it is the perfect season to enjoy a holiday sheltered by the Mediterranean essence. Because summer is not the only season in which the sun shines in this historic port city.

What to do in Denia in spring/summer | Top Plans

There is no question about the fact that the hot season is the most desirable one to enjoy the Spanish coast. The colours, the atmosphere, the refreshing baths in the Mediterranean sea… these are the best plans to make the most of Denia in its golden days:

Sea, sea and sea

In good weather, the sea is the ultimate place to meet people and have fun. The coast of Denia has beaches and areas for all tastes. To the north is Les Marines beach, the most extensive and well-known. Come early in the morning and take a swim when the water is cooler and before the tourists arrive!

To the south is Les Rotes, the most charming area due to the landscape formed by the small rocky coves, a paradise for snorkelling, since the waters of this area are part of the Cape of San Antonio Natural Marine Reserve. And, of course, you cannot leave without going on a sailing trip. Everything in Denia revolves around the sea!

What to do in Denia

Walks, on foot or by bicycle

Walks are a perfect option, but we recommend that you take them in the early morning or late in the afternoon, when the heat is down. A walk to the Gerro Tower, a 16th century watchtower that will make you feel like a true sentinel.

In the afternoon, take a walk around the marinas of Marina El Portet and Marina de Dénia and wait to catch the sunset surrounded by boats. Or visit the summer market, next to the fishing port and opposite the fishing district. 

And for the more energetic, cycling around the area is very rewarding, and thanks to its easy trails, it is suitable for the whole family. Go to the Alberca river bank, follow the old railway line or simply cycle along the coast. You have tours for all tastes.

Eating… whatever the season

Did you know that Denia’s gastronomy is part of the UNESCO heritage? It was chosen as Creative City of Gastronomy, and we can vouch for the fact that it deserves the award. The Costa Blanca is one of the best pantries in the world, with varied, local and healthy raw materials that come from both the sea and the land. Red shrimp, octopus, tuna, salted fish… tomatoes, oranges, grapes… and, of course, rice. 

We could have a different type of rice every day and we wouldn’t get tired of eating it. You can have it dry, like the oven-baked rice or the one with anchovies and spinach (typical of Denia), or you can have it moist, like the one with lobster, or the well-known arroz a banda. The palate does not know about seasons, and these impressive rice dishes know even less about them.

What to do in Denia

Whether you want to explore its unpolluted white streets going up and down, see the castle in the background or view the city from the Montgó… Denia is a place you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. If you choose Denia as one of your destinations to relax, at Sonneil we offer you apartments in Denia. Because life is supposed to be enjoyed!

The best towns to live in Alicante

The best towns to live in Alicante

When we think of the province of Alicante, we inevitably remember its marvellous beaches, the excellent climate it has most of the year and its delicious gastronomy. At the same time, the Costa Blanca has a rich history and culture that is reflected in its people and customs.

All these factors make Alicante and its beautiful coastal towns a perfect choice to start a new life. At Sonneil, we know that life is much better when you enjoy the good weather near the sea, so our aim is for you to experience it for yourself. Discover our developments on the Costa Blanca and let us take a look at your needs and plans for the future to offer you the property that best suits you.

Here is an overview of the best towns to live in Alicante.


Calpe and its Ifach Rock are symbols of the Costa Blanca. It is a traditional fishing town, bathed by the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea, which stretches along 13 kilometres of coastline, and bounded by the tranquillity of the Sierra d’Oltá mountain range. Calpe is a peaceful town to live in, but it is also very lively.

Some of its main attractions are its marvellous beaches, such as the Arenal beach, its nautical clubs, its fishing port surrounded by restaurants where you can eat the best seafood, and the Ifach Rock, a natural park rich in vegetation and birds. Calpe is also an invitation to wander through the old town’s charming streets, to visit the salt mines or to take long walks along the Infanta Elena promenade.

best towns to live in Alicante


Denia is a town that shines with its own light. It has 20 kilometres of coastline, where golden beaches of fine sand and rocky areas meet. Denia is famous for having two of the most emblematic places on the Costa Blanca, such as the majestic Montgó, a 750-metre high massif, and the Denia castle located right in the centre of the town, which was built by the Muslims during the 11th and 12th centuries.

In addition to these two symbols of great beauty, Denia offers other great places of interest such as its marvellous beaches, the port, its colourful neighbourhoods full of history and culture, as well as its excellent gastronomy. Denia is a great place to live, a quiet town with lively tourist areas.


As one of the best towns to live in Alicante, Altea stands out for its charm. Its old town is the most beautiful in the province of Alicante, displaying immaculate white houses, narrow cobbled streets and viewpoints overlooking the Mediterranean. Its seafaring origins are still unmistakable, but its charm also lies in its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, its beaches, coves, promenade and restaurants.

best towns to live in Alicante


Set in the immense bay that delimits the town, right next to the majestic Montgó, this seaside town is one of the most important and beautiful municipalities on the Costa Blanca. With 20 kilometres of coastline, it combines fabulous beaches, such as the Arenal, hidden coves surrounded by pine forests and areas of steep cliffs to enjoy the views. Its old town is also another great asset, as well as its delicious gastronomy.

Guardamar del Segura

Its more than 11 kilometres of beach with turquoise waters, its extensive dunes and its large pine forests make Guardamar del Segura a town of great scenic beauty. The fishing tradition is still alive and well in its streets and beaches, and the town has an important cultural and archaeological heritage. It is a peaceful town to live in, with all the necessary services.


It is one of the most visited towns on the Costa Blanca. It is known for the beauty of its transparent beaches of fine sand, its rocky coves and its beautiful natural landscapes. It has a long promenade lined with restaurants and bars, with plenty of nightlife in the summer months, and you can also walk along some of its docks. Torrevieja is one of the most populated municipalities in Alicante, so it has all the services needed to live comfortably.

best towns to live in Alicante

Santa Pola

It is a tourist and fishing town with an excellent climate all year round. It has three elements that make it extremely attractive: the Santa Pola mountain range, the varied morphology of its coastline, where cliffs are mixed with sandy beaches, and the natural park of the salt flats. It is an ideal place to live all year round, as it has all the necessary services.


It is one of the smallest coastal towns in Alicante, but also one of the most charming. Many people have established their residence in this municipality due to its beauty, its hospitality, its good services and easy access. It has several beaches that stand out for the cleanliness and quality of their waters. In addition, its old town has great historical and cultural value.

So now that you know which are the best towns to live in Alicante, at Sonneil we offer you properties in these areas and many others along the coast. Can we help you find yours?

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World Wildlife Day. Sonneil prioritises natural environments

World Wildlife Day. Sonneil prioritises natural environments

We are celebrating World Wildlife Day by highlighting the importance of living in harmony with nature

Open spaces. Terraces with sea views. Gardens. The pandemic has accelerated a long-standing demand: to live in areas that allow us to get away from our fast-paced lifestyles and, at the same time, to connect with nature and recharge our batteries. In short, we want to move away from the most crowded environments and look for places that guarantee peace and quiet while staying connected to the city.

Since the very beginning, at Sonneil Homes we have chosen property developments that focus precisely on these characteristics. And now, even more so, due to an increase in demand for communal areas and open spaces in which to spend more time.

Our residential developments stand out for the connection of the interior with the exterior, guaranteeing that the light from the coast enters the home while favouring energy savings thanks to natural lighting. Large windows and glass are essential elements in all Sonneil developments.

The sea-facing terraces with panoramic views are another essential element, ideal for breathing in the sea breeze and listening to the murmur of the waves. The terraces at Gran Canet are this impressive.

World Wildlife Day

Energy efficiency

The real estate developers we work with are also committed to systems and equipment that promote energy efficiency and reduce emissions to a minimum. As in Benidorm Beach, where the hot water is produced by an aerothermal system, while in Denia Beach it is generated by solar panels.

The double-skin façades are another way of insulating and protecting the residences from sudden changes in temperature. And in the communal areas, designed to make the most of the open air, care is taken to ensure that the vegetation is of local origin and is maintained with the best possible irrigation system.

Unique locations

It goes without saying that the location of Sonneil developments also seeks to offer natural spaces within walking distance of the homes. Some are as impressive as the Chacmuchuc Lagoon in Cancun. A protected site bordering La Amada Residences, the luxury residential development that Sonneil markets in the Mexican Caribbean.

Or the foothills of the Sierra de Bernia, where the Altea Bayview homes are located, with direct access to the mountain via a path that starts at the development.

World Wildlife Day

As our CEO, Alfredo Millá says, “We’d like residents to live a good life not only at home, but outside of it. We want to make it easy for them to enjoy nature and good weather away from the noise, stress and speed that cities impose on us”.